You don't have to be on your breastfeeding journey alone without any support. Below you can book a session with the best Certified Breastfeeding Specialist in the State of Georgia, Sterling Grey-Simmons.

Book Your Latched & Loaded Virtual Breastfeeding Support Meeting

Breastfeeding is one of those natural things, but it's natural like walking not like breathing. It's something that usually requires learning from experience. Whether you come from a family that generally supports breastfeeding or not, you have a choice to make concerning breastfeeding. Usually this decision is made in the mid to late stages of pregnancy or shortly after your baby is born. Choosing to breastfeed may create uncertainty or fear, leading to a lack of confidence in yourself, because you might be unsure if you'll be able to successfully feed your baby. Not only that, but there are societal pressures from family, the workplace, or society in general depending on where you live.

Having someone in your corner with lived and professional experiences to help you navigate your breastfeeding journey can greatly increase your chances of success. And it is important to know when to call upon such a specialist. Whether that is to make sure you are prepared before going into birth. In order to successfully handle the critical breastfeeding moments after birth. Or for you to understand and overcome specific issues such as a painful latch, the fear of a lack of milk production, nipple or breast care, etc. These are some of the reasons why you want to ensure you have a professional in your corner helping you navigate this wonderful and natural experience of motherhood.
For individuals that are outside of our Breastfeeding Support Home Visit service area. The Latched & Loaded Virtual Breastfeeding Meetings are perfect for you to have contact with a specialist that can be in your corner during your breastfeeding journey:

    Upon scheduling your Latched & Loaded meeting you’ll receive a confirmation email.
    The day of your appointment you’ll receive a reminder text and email 30 minutes prior to your meeting as a reminder.

Now, after you have scheduled your appointment, we will need you to prepare for your virtual meeting:

    Make sure you have completed your intake form and consent form.
    Make sure you log into your account, this is where you'll be able to see your scheduled appointments, any forms that need to be completed, and change your password, etc.
    Write down any questions that you have and keep them handy for our appointment.

About 5 minutes prior to the appointment time I’ll open the Zoom meeting and you will be allowed to wait in the waiting room until the meeting starts. We always start our meetings by greeting you and giving you a little background information about the company and ourselves. We want to make sure that we feel like two people who know each other instead of two strangers talking to their phone or computer. The Latched & Loaded Virtual Meeting is a private meeting with a personal vibe. It is important for us to build a level of comfort when assisting clients virtually because I want you to feel the same level of connection as if we were in your home helping you.
We then give the floor to you, the client, for you to tell us anything that you feel is important for us to know about your breastfeeding preparation and/or experiences. During this time we will be taking notes which will be provided to you in your client portal after the conclusion of our virtual meeting.
Once you have let us know the issues or concerns, we go step by step to help you receive the understanding, practical methods, and techniques to the issues you have presented or that we find during our assessment. To make sure you understand certain concepts, we use several props so that you can see what we mean as it pertains to certain topics, methods, and techniques.
Lastly, at the conclusion of the meeting, we always go over everything we discussed in our meeting, we ask if you have any additional questions and we let you know about the notes that will be available later that day in your client portal. You will also receive an email that includes a link to the Loyal Lactation Amazon storefront so that they can have easy access to products that you may have found helpful during our meeting. You will also get a link to leave a review on Google.

Here is how we have helped ensure breastfeeding success.

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    I have been following Loyal Lactation on Instagram for months as I prepared for my breastfeeding journey. I learned so much from her page and loved the videos and education provided. This is my 3rd breastfed child, but I was having latch issues and feeling very engorged, so I scheduled an in home visit. Sterling was so warm and welcoming, I instantly felt very comfortable as if I'd known her for years! She helped my baby improve her latch and taught me how to massage and workout the engorged feeling, and I had immediate relief. I'm now set to have a successful breastfeeding journey and highly recommend her services. You will not be disappointed as it is beyond worth it. Thank you so much Sterling!!!Aimee Escalante04/2023

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    Sterling has been supporting our family since my 10 month olds first week of life. Each check in with her reassures us that we are on the correct path with our son. She has guided us through first latch, tongue tie, flange sizing, pumping, and now weight gain. She has equipped us with so much knowledge and sound guidance. I was very discouraged with my sons weight progression from 6 months to 10 months and almost on the brink of giving up on breastfeeding due to the pediatricians inaccurate opinion. Sterling gave us realistic expectations of his weight gain considering our lifestyle, size and his age. She also weighed him, he has actually gained a pound and some ounces since his last pediatrician visit!Maya H. Muneer06/10/2023

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    So I scheduled a last min consultation with sterling. Not only did she get to me the same day BUT she provided me w with EVERYTHING that I was seeking and moore. This is actually my second time booking her. Not only is she affordable but she’s so nice, comforting, and knowledgeable. If you have any doubts, fears, questions or concerns when it comes to breastfeeding. Sterling has the answers. I HIGHLY recommend ❤️Chelsy Moore06/09/2023

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    Highly recommend Loyal Lactation. I signed up for the Latched and Loaded in-home visits and Highly recommend this program. I went from wanting to quit breastfeeding to making it to 12 weeks of breastfeeding. Very friendly and personable.Brittany Lowe04/2023