Surrogacy Program

Helping you navigate your breastfeeding journey. 

Loyal Lactation has been providing quality breastfeeding education and assistance to families in the Metro Atlanta area and across the globe for almost a decade. We have helped thousands of families navigate their breastfeeding journey. 
Over the years we have realized that many people are surprised to learn that women are able to breastfeed; whether or not they have carried a baby. Doing so requires proper education and support. Breastfeeding promotes bonding, attachment and psychological health for new moms and babies. This bonding experience may be especially important for those who were not physically able to carry the baby. The is why the Latched & Loaded Surrogacy Program is designed to cultivate this relationship in order to stimulate and induce lactation. 


BenefIts of Breastfeeding 

• A speedier recovery. All of that pumping helps the uterus return to its pre-pregnancy size.

• Another way of giving back.

• Extra compensation. Surrogates who pump to provide milk at their intended parent’s request receive additional weekly compensation for their time and efforts.

• Quicker weight loss.



Pathway 1

In this pathway, the Gestational Carrier exclusively pumps for a predetermined amount of time. We prepare for the breastfeeding journey, picking a pump, learning how to pump, storing milk, and more. Pathway includes three (3) home visits spanning across a three (3) months. 


Pathway 2

Intended Parent & Gestational carrier will take a breastfeeding class, explore pumps and agree on the time the G.C will pump. Work on inducing lactation for IP. Pathway includes six (6) home visits spanning across a twelve (12) months. 

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