In the Straight From The Tap Doula Breastfeeding Training, Doulas will embark on an educational breastfeeding journey that will cover a variety of important topics. Included in this course is also a Q & A segment and a Certificate of Completion Assessment. At the conclusion of this course Doulas will receive a Certificate of Completion to keep for your records.

Learning Straight From The Tap.



The presentation portion of the course, Doula’s will embark on an educational breastfeeding journey that will cover a variety of important topics such as, but not limited to: Nipple types, stages of breastmilk, infant stomach size, hunger cues, proper latch, and breastfeeding positions.


Q & A

The Q & A portion is where the Doula will be able to ask questions pertaining to the subject matter and their specific doula experiences in order to gain a more robust understanding of breastfeeding in relation to their client base.



 The 10-question quiz is to assess the knowledge of the Doula and to substantiate the completion of the Straight from the Tap Doula Breastfeeding Training Course.

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Informative and with a Personal Touch!

"I had great experience in this class! Miss Sterling conducts one on one classes that make it easy to ask questions and takes into account where you are with your own knowledge. I'm a trained birth and postpartum doula and even though my trainings include breastfeeding basics, Miss Sterling adds onto that knowledge! It's great to hear about the postpartum period from the breastfeeding perspective, because I feel like it gave me a better understanding of how to support new parents!"



Straight from the Tap Doula BF course. Amazing!

"I had a great time during the one on one course with Miss Sterling. It was engaging not boring at all and very informative. As a doula with no kids it really boosted my confidence in the birth world and I feel like I have some great knowledge to help my moms with. Can’t wait for level 2."


Jalisa Pearson

Great class!!!

"Sterling made this class so informative and fun as well as interactive. I learned so much new information about breastfeeding, I will definitely recommend any birth worker looking to add to their catalogue as well as new parents and villages."