Our Latched & Loaded services offers home visits geared towards assisting mother's who have chosen to breastfeed. This visit is for the purposes of ensuring a good start to a mother's breastfeeding journey. See the Latched & Loaded Program for more information.

Ensuring the success of breastfeeding mothers along their journey is my goal.


The Home Visits are perfect for mothers who have just given birth and are in need of specialized and hands-on assistance in the early stages of breastfeeding. Have a certified breastfeeding specialist come to you to ensure proper latch and use of breastfeeding positions. In this session, we also address any issues or misconceptions about breastfeeding.


The first few days of breastfeeding are critical moments for any mother. Here is how we have helped ensure success.

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    Life SaverWhen I say this little boy would not latch at all I mean AT ALL. I felt like a failure because I wanted to breastfeed him but it wasn’t working. I was so depressed and mad at my body for not being able to do what my baby needed. I had been following her on social media throughout my whole pregnancy so I said let me go on and pay sis so she can help! I don’t think I expected what I got at all. She came to my house and I was crying (hormones). My boyfriend was trying to calm me down but I couldn’t stop crying. She had him go get me some food from the kitchen, he took the baby with him. She told me to just breath and relax. I ate my food, laughed, massaged my breast and told her what was going on. She took notes and by this time the baby started sucking his hands. She told me ok let’s try to feed him. I told her i didn’t think he was hungry because he wasn’t crying and he had just ate like 50 minutes ago. She told me that waiting until he started crying was a late hunger que. She said watch your baby not the clock. (I loved that!) She climbed in my bed, made a sandwich out of my breast and told me how to hold him. Guess what y’all! HE LATCHED! FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER! I started crying again and his dad started crying! She made me feel complete! She did something no one else had been able to do! I’m so grateful for her! I know this was supposed to just be a review but yall needed to know how much she saved me! She’s an amazing woman doing amazing work!Key 11/23/2020

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    Amazing ServiceShe’s way better than the people in the hospital 🤷🏽‍♀️.D. Roy11/24/2020

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    Found this gem on Clubhouse!I heard her speaking on Clubhouse about breastfeeding and I knew then that I had to link with her! She’s so knowledgeable and I love her energy! When she said she had a deal for virtual services I wasn’t expecting this good of a deal! This is amazing! Thank you for the awesome services you provide. My clients are gonna love this!Kortney12/22/2020