Breastfeeding Support Groups

You do not have to go through your breastfeeding journey alone. I know from experience how it feels to be pregnant and uninformed about breastfeeding. At this time in my life I desired to know more about breastfeeding because I wanted to provide the best for my baby when they arrived. I would stay up all night "Googling" breastfeeding facts and tips, and reading blogs. I also would use this time to research local resources with very little success of finding something local to help with understanding lactation and breastfeeding. The venerability that I was exposed to was tremendous and my family couldn't alleviate this feeling because they too were uniformed. I knew it was a generational thing and I wasn't the only woman and soon to be mother experiencing this when faced with deciding whether or not to breastfeed. I have spent many days worried about this, which eventually turned into worrying about how my body would produce milk for my baby. But there was light that shined through this darkness and confusion. This light for me and for many others prevailed through proper breastfeeding education and the practical application of the teachings learned. 


With access to proper breastfeeding education and support from a lactation professional there is no need to stress when it comes to your decision to breastfeed. I know the strain and whirlwind of emotions that will fill your mind and body as familial and societal pressures collide to provide their perspectives to influence your decision. 
Lactation is an automatic response like a heart beating or lungs breathing. Your body will naturally experience this wonderful process once you deliver your placenta. Breastfeeding on the other hand is natural, but not like breathing, but instead like walking or talking. Breastfeeding is a learned nature and you will have to determine how you will harmonize them into your life. And there is a way!

So coming to terms with this reality and how you are going to approach your breastfeeding journey is crucial to how successful your journey will be. Therefore, I am providing you with a solid solution with my Breastfeeding Support Groups as a means to make breastfeeding education and support more accessible to the local community; while building and championing community at the same time. 

Why a Loyal Lactation Breastfeeding Support Group?


This breastfeeding support group will strengthen access to breastfeeding education and support. 


This breastfeeding support group will alleviate the trouble of affording consistent access to a lactation professional. 


This breastfeeding support group will improve the quality and length of breastfeeding journeys.

4 benefits of attending your breastfeeding support group

1. Direct and consistent access to a Lactation professional.2. Receive tips, tricks, and hacks to make breastfeeding easier.3. Receive the answer to your breastfeeding questions.4. Learn how to increase the length of your breastfeeding journey.


What to Expect at a Loyal Lactation Breastfeeding Support Group

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A community environment

Join a growing community of pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

30-min open discussion with lactation professional 

Be a part of an engaging and interactive open discussion pertaining to a specific breastfeeding related topic.

30-min question and answer session with lactation professional

Ask the questions that will help you prepare for your breastfeeding journey.


When and Where do Breastfeeding Support Groups take place?

Monday - Thursday

Breastfeeding Support Groups will take place between 3PM - 4PM and 5 PM - 6 PM.

Virtual or In-Person

Breastfeeding Support Groups will take place virtually and in-person.


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Breastfeeding Support Groups can be attended by registering for FREE. 



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