Sterling Grey-Simmons, CBS

I am Sterling Grey-Simmons, Certified Breastfeeding Specialist and owner of Loyal Lactation. I have been an active member in the Metro-Atlanta birthing community by offering a doula breastfeeding training course, breastfeeding meetings and classes, along with home and hospital visits to new and breastfeeding mothers. I love teaming up with local midwives and doulas to ensure their clients have access to breastfeeding support.
As a mother of three children I aim to provide women and families with the support I wish that I had when I was on my breastfeeding journey.

I believe that all women should have access to the education and support to ensure they have a successful breastfeeding journey. It is truly my passion to provide breastfeeding information to anyone who needs it. I encourage all expecting mothers to take at least one breastfeeding class and encourage other family members to attend as well, so that everyone is educated on breastfeeding and knows what to expect. By doing this, I am often say “I'm just doing my part to normalize breastfeeding.”
Lastly, I am the Author of the educational breastfeeding coloring book “Loyal Lactation: Facts and Tips For Mother and Child.” Available for purchase right here on this site. 

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"Sterling was my consultant and after speaking with her, let me say I’m very confident and comfortable with breastfeeding again ! As a second time mom I haven’t breastfeed in almost 2 years!! I’m so thankful for her helping me and getting me back on the right track I’m looking forward to keep her updated on my progress!! I hope that I am able to keep going to be able to donate to other moms ❤️❤️"

Latrice Beasley

Excellent Option During Covid

"I booked her services after having no luck finding one in my city due to covid. Honestly I went into it expecting to learn very little because it was virtual BUT BOY WAS I WRONG! She all all kinds to stuff to show me examples of what to do. I asked questions and she gave great advice. I love that she’s a mother too so she’s actually able to tell you from her perspective along with the professional opinion. I got the book the day before our virtual meeting so I was able to look through that as well. This is such an amazing way to teach breastfeeding‼️"